Management and transaction consultancy

Break successful path with us on your side

We support you in challenging and complex business situations by developing tailored solutions. We can help you optimise the management of your business, carry out company valuations and assist you in share- or asset-deals.

The management of complex reorganisation and restructuring situations as well as the search for suitable strategic partners also form core components of the services we offer. Due to the close integration of our auditing, legal and tax consulting departments, you will benefit from the know-how of our extensive number of experts.

Transaction consultancy & due diligence audits

If you are planning the purchase or sale of companies, shares or partnership interests and searching for advice or assessment, then you have the right partner in us. Transaction consultancy and due diligence audits are an important core competence of our range of services.

Due diligence audits enable us to thoroughly audit and analyse a company with regards to its financial, tax and legal circumstances. Thus, we provide you with the necessary information for your business decision.

We also support you after a successful due diligence audit with regards to the acquisition structure and implementation of the transaction.

For company sales, we offer you the preparation of an information memorandum (fact book) including a vendor due diligence. We would also be happy to support you in the entire M&A process.

Our services also include the structuring of the entire purchase or sale price.

Company valuations

A central aspect of every corporate transaction is the valuation of companies, shares and partnership interests. Companies may also need to be evaluated for fiscal and corporate law reasons as well as for many accounting issues.

The adaptation of the company valuations to the individual needs and valuation triggers represents our core competence. We carry out company valuations in accordance with professional regulations (IDW S1 as amended in 2018) and with simplified relevant valuation method (Discounted Cash Flow Method, capitalised earnings method and multiplier method).

We also assess (intangible) assets in the context of purchase price allocations.

Miscellaneous services

The services we offer include the following:

  • restructuring audits (IDW S 6)
  • assessment of the existence of reasons for initiating insolvency proceedings (IDW S 11)
  • other expert opinions and assessments
  • cost accounting
  • financing control
  • budgeting and cost planning

Are you interested in our services and require more information? We are happy to answer your questions and help you select the appropriate experts.


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