The statutory requirements for IT

Information technology has long been an indispensable part of the corporate environment. The requirements of IT-based business processes in the company are constantly increasing, so there is a need for efficient design with verifiable compliance to certain regulatory requirements. In particularly Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are facing challenges in terms of increasing requirements for IT. The compliant implementation of legal, internal and regulatory requirements in context of IT is already a key performance indicator for the success of a company.


We conduct IT system audits in accordance with the latest auditing standards and methods as defined by the IDW (Institute of Public Auditors in Germany, Incorporated Association). In this context, we focus on topics that push our clients forward. Through our years of experience and the expertise we have gained in a wide range of industries, we offer our clients individual solutions tailored to their requirements and needs.


In a general understanding, a company complies with the relevant requirements if it also adhere to them. For this reason, IT in the company is constantly dealing with new requirements, standards and internal regulations. For employees and managers, especially in IT, it is a particular challenge to adequately combine legal requirements and IT processes. At this point we would take a closer look at the design of the IT compliance and its interfaces in companies.

Data Analytics

In the context of the digital transformation of business processes and corporate governance, more and more data is being generated. The data is available in a wide variety of formats and is generated from a large number of data sources. A targeted and efficient analysis as well as evaluation, taking into account coordinated risk factors, gives a company added value for the interpretation of the results as well as any need for action. Our specialists support you in the analysis and evaluation of mass data.

Our Service

Our interdisciplinary teams consist of experienced auditors, tax consultants, lawyers and IT specialists. We work together with you in every phase of each project. From planning and designing a legally compliant solution- to its audit and certification by the  auditor.

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