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Since the end of March it has become official: Brexit is going to happen. London has issued its announcement on withdrawal from the EU and thus the negotiations on the “divorce settlement” have been set in motion. This step has caused uncertainty for European companies but also for private individuals and raises many questions some of which, as matters currently stand, cannot be answered conclusively. However, it is certain that at the time of commencement of withdrawal negotiations the legal framework remains unchanged at least initially. If no agreement is reached within the two-year period, Britain will automatically exit from the EU although an extension of the deadline is possible. In the following article, Carol Haßelmans, a Director of Moore Rhein-Ruhr and MGK Partner, presents an overview of areas in which changes may occur and areas where it is safe to wait and see for now, but also issues in relation to which action should be taken well before the end of the two-year period.

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Anja Spätlich, one of our lawyers, published an article on the subject of minimum wage and on-call service times in the April 2017 issue of “juris Praxis Reports Arbeitsrecht”, an employment law journal. In her article, Ms Spätlich comments on the judgment handed down by Frankfurt Regional Labour Court (Landesarbeitsgericht) on 21 November 2016, 16 Sa 1257/15, according to which on-call service does not qualify as working time for the purposes of the payment of minimum wage.

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In the last few months, you may have come across the terms “GoBD” and “GDPR” a number of times. In essence, these provisions lay down additional accounting and record keeping requirements for tax purposes and stricter data protection rules, in each case including documentation requirements regarding procedure. In our guest article in the client newsletter of the Family Office of von Plettenberg, Conradt & Cie in Düsseldorf, Germany, you can find further details on what these additional requirements mean in detail and how best to prepare for them.

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The new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) must be implemented in your company by 25 May 2018. Companies that fail to prepare for the completely new laws will come under pressure due to the amount of time required for implementation. Take part in our quick data protection check to find out how well your business is prepared for the GDPR. Is there an acute need for action? Are your plans for implementation feasible?
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