We help you to minimise liability and tax risks.

In today’s world, IT-related issues are on every board agenda. This is because legal regulations and contractual requirements place strong demands on a company’s IT systems which, in the event of any breaches, can result in considerable losses. Our team supports you in establishing and maintaining a level of IT security tailored to the size of your company. We are happy to assist and advise you in relation to all structural, legal and commercial issues, such as with process analyses, IT-project management or digitalising your business models.

Our range of services includes, for example:

Data protection & data security

Data protection laws have undergone a complete change! We support you in the practical implementation of the GDPR.  If you fail to take action, you face fines of up to 4% of turnover.

We can take on the role of external data protection officer or carry out a data protection audit so that you can prove your customers that you fulfil all data protection requirements concerning your own company and customer data by means of an auditor’s certificate. If you need support in IT-security or you have to meet special requirements of IT-security as your company belongs to the “critical infrastructures”, please contact us! We can work out solutions for you.

IT-audits and special audits

With increasing use of IT-systems the related risks also increase. Our team can support you in optimizing or auditing existing, IT-supported business processes in accordance with IDW audit standards (e.g. audit of internal control systems in service companies [IDW PS 951] or project-accompanying audit using information technology [IDW PS 850]).

IT-project management

Due to the increasing intensity and complexity of competition, companies are facing challenges with adapting to the new market situation. In order to remain competitive, companies are required to have a high degree of responsiveness and adaptability. Due to those requirements, IT-projects with indispensable successful implementation of solid knowledge are moving into focus. Around two thirds of IT-projects exceed their budget or overrun. Our team is happy to advise you in terms of planning and controlling IT projects.

IT-system audit within the audit of annual financial statement in accordance with IDW PS 330

The aim of the IT-system audit as a part of the audit of annual financial statement is to assess the IT-error risks, i.e. the risk of material errors in IT-system, insofar as these are relevant to accounting.

Accounting-relevant IT-systems include not only bookkeeping systems, but also, for example, stock / warehouse management or payroll accounting systems.

IT consulting

We advise you on:

  • selection and implementation of ERP-systems or DMS-solutions
  • preparation of informative procedural documentation
  • preparation of IT-compliance
  • supporting advice on and development of data backup and emergency concepts
  • solutions for other IT-issues

Tax compliance systems

We implement and take care of the maintenance of systems to ensure compliance with tax laws and guidelines issued by the tax authorities.

Law & taxes
We will help you to avoid the multitude of legal and fiscal pitfalls that exist with regard to your IT activities. Not only are the provision of electronic services or online trading legally and fiscally complicated, but any errors can be very costly too.


We support you in the implementation of the German GoBD guidelines, which are mandatory since 1 January 2015 and according to which the accounting records and any records created for tax purposes have to meet certain requirements and the procedures have to be documented. If these guidelines are not complied with, the tax authorities may audit the company on the basis of additional estimated income.

Are you interested in our service and would like more information? We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Are you interested in our services and require more information? We are happy to answer your questions and help you select the appropriate experts.

Dipl.-Kfm. Jochen König
Managing Partner
Lawyer, Public Accountant,
Tax Advisor
Certified Date Protection Officer (TÜV)
Certified Data Protection Auditor (TÜV)
Certified IT Security Officer (ITSiBe)
T +49 203 29506-752

Dipl.Kff. Carol Haßelmans
Managing Partner
Public Accountant, Tax Advisor, Specialist Advisor on International Tax Law
T +49 203 29506-624

We minimise your liability and tax risks

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